Why You Need To Be Proactive With Your Health

Many of us watch the news, follow social media, and keep up with current affairs. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with subliminal messages about health care. With all of these messages, marketing, increased insurance policies, has our health care really gotten better? I think we all know the answer to this, NO! In fact, we are overweight, under nourished, over prescribed, stressed out, disease ridden population. How is this possible with knowledge at our fingertips, doctors on every corner, and health advice all over the media?

The answer is simple. WE REACT. WE FOLLOW. WE FAIL.

Let me elaborate.


Yes, if we feel good, have minimal symptoms, we assume we are healthy. Is this true? Well, how does cancer, heart disease, and diabetes feel? No feeling, symptomless. In fact, the top 10 list of killers in our country have little or no symptoms of pain or discomfort. Did you know less than 10% of your bodies entire function is dedicated with sensory function (pain, temperature, pleasure)? That leaves over 90% of our body to perform feelingless autonomic function. And, we base 100% of our healthcare decision on 10%. Now we know why these top 10 disease killers have no symptoms.

When we do have pain we react to it, we think we are sick and go to the doctor. What happens there? DRUGS, tons of them. SURGERY, many times before conservative measures were exhausted. Do drugs and surgery make you healthy? Have you ever seen someone completely regain their health by taking drugs or losing body parts? Neither have I. This explains why we spend the most money on health care, and we are ranked 37th in healthcare according to the WHO. Terrible investment.

Solution, Be PROACTIVE.

Feeling good, awesome. Why not stay that way. Be at your best ALL THE TIME. So many people live life on the edge; health crisis to health crisis. Did you know Chiropractic care is the BEST way to prevent ill health? You brain runs your body, your spinal cord and nerves communicate messages to your cells ,tissues, and organs SO YOU CAN FUNCTION (this is the 90%). An adjustment removes any nerve interference; which blocks full communication to your cells. Thus allowing your body to get healthy and stay healthy. Eating organic fruits, vegetables, and meats also support your body along with exercise. Be proactive by creating new healthy habits.


Ever taken advice from TV doctors, magazines, or food commercials? This advice is ever changing and is always biased. For example, many food companies purchase labeling rights from the American Heart Association in effort to advertise their foods as "healthy." Some of these foods include Cherrios and Pop Tarts. Yes, eat your Pop Tarts everyday to support the BEST cardiovascular health. Great advice. Health advice from the media is usually bought, and the advice is ever changing.

Solution, ASK and RESEARCH.

My general rule for myself is that if I start noticing myself doing what most people are doing, I better start paying attention and go a different direction. This is when I know I am off track. It is not easy exercising, eating right, and going to the chiropractor weekly over your lifetime. BUT, know what's harder??? Getting sick and losing EVERYTHING you have and love. Research your health care decisions. Making educated decisions takes away fear. The key to success is following the plan; it's not exciting or dramatic, but the plan works when it is followed.

Eat Well. Move Well. Think Well. Get Adjusted.


Not much to say here. This is exactly where we are. We are failing because of our health care beliefs and the choices we make based on those beliefs.


My hope for each of you is that you never have to experience the American health care nightmare. Instead, you choose to feel energized, connected, and healthy and continue to do so over your lifetime. I hope you can sense the urgency to take action today; do not wait any longer. This is YOUR life. True success is the long game, not the short game.

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