Health or Disease, It’s Your Choice.

“A quality life demands quality questions.” -Dr. Demartini​

Each day I am asked many questions about my own lifestyle: what I eat, how I workout, who adjusts me and if I get adjusted. I’m always encouraged when these conversations are initiated because I know that person is beginning to question their current and past health beliefs. This week, I want to discuss how the type of questions we ask determine the quality of our outcome.

In our culture, we are trained to ask about the details of sickness and disease. We ask and research everything in regard to the disease, diagnosis, and symptoms we have. This brings us comfort in knowing we have defined our health problem. In this model, we study sickness. We spend all our time, focus, and energy learning about the details of the illness. We ask questions like:

What is the sickness called?

What symptoms does it include?

What treatment does it need?

Which doctor treats it?

Does my insurance cover?

When we are ill, we are desperate for answers, relief and want to be well again to resume our lives. It’s obvious that the goal of the ill person is to become “healthy.” Do any of the questions above bring up health? In a way, it's like a person in search of wealth. Let me explain: if you wanted to become wealthy, would you study impoverished cultures, low income populations, and bankruptcy in hopes of avoiding these things. Or, would you learn about people who made it and became successful, managed their money, and were actually wealthy? I think we would all agree in that we would study the wealthy! If we studied the poor we would know nothing about how to gain riches and reach our goal. Consequently, we would know everything about a lack of wealth, the very thing we are trying to avoid. This is just like health. Instead of asking “How do I become healthy?” We ask, “How do I avoid sickness?” As a result, we get more of what we do not want.

I want to encourage you to start thinking differently. Instead of asking about a diagnosis or labeling yourself with an illness, start thinking of questions in the context of health.

What CAUSED this?

How did this happen?

What is missing in my health? (nutrients, exercise, nerve supply, positive thinking)

Has anyone healed from the “illness?” What did they do?

What do “healthy” people do in their daily routine?

See the glass half full. If your body created the disease/pain/disfunction, do you believe it can take it away? Want a better life? Start asking better questions. One of the things that drew me to Chiropractic is that it's a different model of health care. Instead of asking about sickness and disease, we ask about health. When I understood this, I knew I couldn't live in the sickness model any longer. You have the power to choose which model of health to believe in: sickness or health. It’s up to you!

Medicine: The study of disease and what causes man to die.

Chiropractic: The study of health and what causes man to live.

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