Simple Wellness in Two Minutes

Wellness is not something you can buy off a TV commercial or in a store. I’m familiar with many supplements and products available on the market and none of them will provide you with wellness if you’re not improving other areas of your lifestyle.

Think of “wellness” as a large mason jar. You are going to fill the jar with three large rocks (diet, exercise, healthy interventions such as chiropractic), many smaller rocks (fasting, meditation, sleep hygiene), and sand will fill in the cracks (supplements etc).

If you wanted to fill the jar efficiently you would prioritize placing the large rocks into the jar first because they will take up the most space but will also leave some open areas. These larger rocks represent the things you do every day or every week and serve as the cornerstone. Eating well, exercising, chiropractic, massage, care for your physical body, and I could also put sleeping well in there too. Once the big rocks are in place you will fill in the spaces with smaller rocks like pea gravel. This gravel represents things that are beneficial but non-essential to life such as fasting, meditation, being a part of clubs and organizations that boost mental health. These things all have a great deal of benefit but are not necessary to survival despite the positives to them (obviously, I still strongly recommend doing them). The last thing to go into the jar are what I call the gimmicks. Supplements, products, ab rollers, and other informercial products. Many of these have benefits and are valuable products to have and use but if the big rocks and the pea gravel aren’t in place FIRST then the sand will be of little use. If the rocks and gravel are in the jar already, then the sand will fill the remaining volume and create a tight fit.

Wellness in 371 words

Prioritize sleep. Numerous studies have shown the importance of a good night’s sleep and it’s effects on not only energy but HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. If you do not sleep enough you, develop more chronic illness…..PERIOD.

Take care of the physical structure and frame of your body. Your body should move, bend, and twist with relative ease, and picking something up off the floor should not have high risk of injury. Take care of your spine. The intimate relationship of your spine and nervous system shows the importance of a healthy functioning spine.

Prioritize nutrition. There are thousands of diets out there. None of them are better than the other. I am very well versed in nutrition research and I can tell you from reading as much of the body of evidence that is available that NONE of them is the PERFECT diet for all. However, nearly all of them are better than the standard American diet. My suggestion? Experiment. See what works for you. See how your energy levels are affected, how sustainable the diet is for you, and whether or not you can make it a part of your life forever rather than another temporary fling. However you eat, your diet should not force you into having to supplement something. If you have to supplement, it is not a complete diet. Last, a diet should promote cultivation of lean muscle and loss of body and visceral fat. There are enough studies out there showing the benefit of his amounts of lean muscle mass in your body to justify saying this.

Last, find a physical goal and crush it. Just starting to exercise? Good, go out and do 10,000 steps a day for 4 months. Run a 5K, break your 5K personal record, run a marathon, set a goal in the squat or bench press, just pick a goal that will challenge you physically and mentally. Everyone is in awe of people like Jack Lalanne and fitness celebs that look great and function well into their 90’s. The reason they look forever young is because they continued to challenge their body long into their prime years. Continually moving towards physical goals will keep you young at heart and body.

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