Improve How You Move

Biomechanics: the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system.

Biomechanics is the study of human movement. You may not realize it, but the efficiency of how you move carries a great deal of importance beyond just the gym. Movement of our physical body and our musculoskeletal system is related to many other health factors such as; joint health, proper circulation, respiration and lung capacity, brain and nervous system health, and learning in kids and adults.

First, lets talk about movement and the physical health of the body. Injuries occur because of one of two reasons; macro traumas and micro traumas. The word “macro” implies that the cause is of a larger origin. Examples of macro traumas would be a considerable fall, auto accident, or significant sports injury. Despite the obvious nature of a macro trauma, micro traumas are actually more commonly the cause of peoples pain. Micro traumas are the little bio-mechanically and ergonomically incorrect movements or repetitive activities which we do each day that build up and over time lead to injury and fatigue. Micro traumas are the number one reason why people present to our office in pain. Micro traumas are most commonly the result of poor biomechanics (poor movement) which can place excessive strain and stress on tissues and joints leading to overuse injuries. Poor biomechanics in everyday life lead to movement mistakes which ultimately results in compensation in the body, uneven and suboptimal joint alignment, poor posture, poor muscle coordination, eventually leading to injury and pain.

But is it just adults who run the potential for poor biomechanics? Sadly, no. With the abundance of on screen activity and lack of physical activity for children, more and more children are showing deficits in movement ability. A study in 2012 found that children who were unable to perform simple activities such as crawling or balance on one leg were more likely to underperform academically. Researchers pointed to the fact that children are less likely to be active in youth, spend more time in front of screens, and were less likely to engage in play.

Improving movement has been shown to decrease injury likelihood (for everyday people, not just athletes), improve cardiovascular function, improve respiratory function, improve focus, and improve learning ability in children.

In January we will be introducing our “Move Well” program at Be Well Chiropractic. The program will consist of Functional Movement Screening and corrective exercise prescription to improve movement patterns. Who this program is for? Anyone and everyone. This is not a therapy or treatment for any injury or illness, this program is designed to improve movement capability and coordination for all age groups. Whether you are a college bound scholar athlete or a corporate desk jockey, chances are you lack the ability for functional movement. Improving movement will change your life.

It's time to end the cycle of pain, poor posture, and poor movement.

For more information on how to get started contact Dr. Matt Hartenburg at Be Well Chiropractic


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