What Is Your Movement Baseline?

Are you an active individual? Are you a serious athlete or even a recreational weekend warrior? Does your occupation require you to perform strenuous and often times repetitive tasks (occupational athlete)? Are you a parent of a youth or high school level athlete?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the next question is; have you ever had a functional movement screening performed?

What Is a Functional Movement Screening?

The functional movement screening is pre-participation tool used to identify faulty or compensatory movement patterns in individuals and athletes. Poor movement patterns can lead to increased risk of injury and decreased performance.

The Functional Movement Screen tests seven fundamental movement patterns that evaluate quality and efficiency of movement, thus providing a baseline and an objective measure of areas to improve to increase performance and decrease injury risk.

The test movements are the deep squat, inline lunge, hurdle step, shoulder mobility, rotational stability, trunk stability push up, and active straight leg raise.

The screen allows us to begin to build a platform in which we can improve each movement pattern leading to better performance on the field, track, or job site.

Contact the office today at 815-464-1414 to set up your screening with Dr. Hartenburg.

-Initial screening lasts an hour (wear workout clothes) and costs $65.

-Follow up session including report and exercise prescription lasts 30 minutes and costs $35

Following the screening and report you will be given a series of exercises to do to improve the movement pattern most needing improvement. These exercises can be done one on one with Dr. Hartenburg or done at home depending on your preference.

We look forward to helping you in your journey to peak performance

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