Preview of Next Week's Workshop

For those of you who haven't signed up yet, we have 7 spots still available for Monday night's "Demystifying Fat Loss" workshop. The class will begin at 6 PM sharp at Be Well and will last approximately one hour.

Now on to the preview.

If you have been to workshops in the past, you know that I don't like to base workshops off the premise of "weight loss" or "fat loss." I prefer to approach nutrition and exercise from a health first standpoint. So, why is this one based on a fat loss approach? Is it merely to jump on the bandwagon of hot advertising words? Not really. This one centers around fat loss for 2 reasons:

1) It's always been prevalent, but this year I have noticed it more than ever. GIMMICKS. Every where you turn there are more and more gimmicks which has led to confusion about what is actually required to lose weight and (more importantly) change body composition to favor muscle rather than fat. Quick fixes, juice fasts, 30 day challenges, special teas or coffee additives, supplements, and other ridiculous (and often times expensive) fads. "This diet is better than this one," "no, this one is better," "no, this one is better because it's the one that (random celebrity) does. It's time to cut through some of the noise in the fitness and nutrition world and examine weight loss from a practical perspective. Hint: it's not as complicated as people will have you believe.

2) Fat loss (when done correctly) is accomplished through the creation of healthy and sustainable habits. Healthy and sustainable habits and routine is what creates not only long term results, but also positive changes in terms of health. Simply lowering body fat percentage has been shown to improve a multitude of factors including but not limited to insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular measures, and even chronic pain. While this workshop is centered around changing body composition, it's near impossible to improve body fat markers without improving health.

What will we cover in the workshop?

First, we will go through some popular myths surrounding some of the diets and gimmicks. Of all the different popular "diets" that exist, what can we learn from them? What do they have in common? Where do they differ?

Next, we will explore the simplicity of fat loss and give some simple action steps on how to begin to develop good habits. Hint: it begins by identifying the Standard American Diet.

Last, we will briefly cover common exercise myths and a "how to" on beginning an exercise program.

Like I said before, we have about seven spots left for those who wish to sign up, and if you already are signed up we look forward to seeing you Monday night!

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