August Patient of the Month

What is your name?

My name is Diane O.

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

I heard about Be Well Chiropractic when Dr. Anna and Dr. Matt moved in next door to me. So, I have been coming as long as I have known them - about 5 years.

What was your quality of life like before seeking chiropractic care?

I actually had stopped seeing my current chiropractor because I didn't feel like they were making much of a difference. I am a runner and my neck hurt, I had headaches routinely, my shoulders were tight, and my right hip was achy and sore all the time. I thought I had to live with it.

What solutions did you try before coming in?

Well, for my neck and headaches, I bought an inversion table (which I still use and still like ) but I thought my hip issue was bursitis (that is what my previous chiro speculated it was). I was using a roller and rolling my hip trying to find relief

How has chiropractic care helped your health and changed your quality of life?

My quality of life is crazy better. I rarely have headaches, my ears no longer 'crackle' (I didn't know Dr. Anna could help that but she did). My hip just needed specific adjusting, now that is adjusted every visit and overall after I visit, I sleep like a rock. I have always been a believer in Chiropractic, but Dr. Anna and Dr. Matt brought it to a new level.

What do you love the most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, and the staff?

I love the holistic approach - not just the adjustments, but the education and the recipes, etc. They truly watch out for your complete health. Kirsten, along with Dr. Anna and Dr. Matt, are so positive. They are great people who absolutely care.

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