Back To Basics: Introducing Be Well's PHP


1) Being first in time, Original, Primeval

2) Of most importance, fundamental.

Primal has become a buzzword. Whether people are talking about primal movement patterns, certain diets, or a way of returning to a simpler means of living, many folks use the word primal in all manners of different contexts. In the definition provided above, I prefer the second portion, “of most importance, foundational.”

In April, Be Well Chiropractic will be celebrating Dr. Matt’s long awaited return to the office by launching the Primal Health Program (PHP). The PHP will be similar to the workshop series we have hosted since we first started practice 12 years ago, but will offer more interactive follow up on our programs.

According to the CDC, 90% of our $3.8 trillion in annual health care spending is related to chronic disease expenditures, chronic diseases that they consider to be largely preventable through lifestyle. Each year, heart disease claims 868,000 lives and costs us $214 billion, cancer accounts for over 600,000 deaths and costs an estimated $174 billion. 34.2 Million people in the United States are estimated to have type II diabetes with an additional 88 million considered to be pre-diabetic (for context, the entire population of Canada is around 37-38 million people).

To prevent and combat chronic disease, the CDC recommends abstaining from smoking, abstaining from excessive alcohol consumption, being more physically active, and maintaining a healthy body weight. This is all great advice but it creates a void of information. For example, everyone knows that maintaining a healthy body weight is great advice, but if you do an internet search you will find a plethora of programs and advice ranging from absurd to extreme. This void of information relating to HOW to be more physically active and HOW to maintain a healthy body weight is being filled by social media influencers, diet gurus, and misinformation that teaches unhealthy and unsustainable advice.

Over the years we have seen people do HCG diets, “intermittent fasting weight loss challenges” that last 30 days and cost upwards of $1200, extreme exercise programs, and online macronutrient counting programs with unqualified “coaches” that cost considerable amounts of money and don’t promote the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle; sustainability and adherence.

The PHP is meant to address this vacuum of information by going back to the basics of health to create a sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain for you and your family. We will start with a foundation of physical activity (not the same as hard, grueling exercise) and introduce the basics of creating lifestyle habits revolving around eating and build from that groundwork as time progresses.

“2) of most importance, fundamental.”

What PHP entails.

-Free quarterly workshops on zoom outlining our simple approach to lifestyle and giving tips to get started

-Weekly email newsletters covering health, fitness, nutrition related topics and recipes we cook on a regular basis.

-Weekly hour long group meetings on zoom covering more advanced fitness and nutrition topics and allowing us to learn from others in the group about what has been working for them, as well as an interactive Q and A.

-Periodic in person workshops done at different sites to teach members correct ways to strength train, run, and even some “field trips” to our favorite outdoor activities in the area and grocery store trips.

-Weekly workouts ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate as well as advice on “where to go from here” with exercise.



Free membership for those who want to test the waters. Allows access to newsletters and quarterly zoom workshops.


Allows access to newsletters, quarterly workshops on zoom, weekly exercise programs, and the weekly group calls on zoom.

Ready For Change

This membership level provides access to all aforementioned benefits as well as weekly one on one meeting with Dr. Matt where we will work together to develop a customized plan of attack for developing life long, sustainable habits related to eating and staying active. Along with your weekly meetings you will also have access to our “field trips,” and advanced workshops that teach proper strength training, exercise, and grocery shopping strategies.

Our mission with the PHP is to empower individuals to create lifelong, sustainable, healthy habits to promote vitality and decrease risks related to chronic disease.

Our vision is to create a large enough impact that we are able to decrease spending related to chronic disease for each individual we work with as well as Frankfort and the surrounding community.

We are currently still building our platform before we can launch the PHP, but you can expect to see more specifics as well as how to get involved as we approach our April launch.

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