Delicious Breakfast Egg Bake

1 tbl olive oil 2 tbl minced garlic 6-8 pieces of nitrate free bacon

2 medium sweet potatoes

1 lb ground grass fed beef

3 tsp all purpose seasoning (we use aldi garlic and herb)

1-2 tsp sea salt 10-12 pasture raised eggs

1 tsp parsley

  1. Sauté oil, chopped bacon, diced potatoes in a stir fry pan and cover (about 5-7minutes).

  2. Cook until potatoes are medium soft.

  3. Add ground grass fed beef, salt, and seasoning.

  4. Once the beef is cooked to medium transfer to greased 9x13 pan

  5. In a separate bowl crack eggs and beat until yokes are broken.

  6. Add eggs over meat, potato and bacon mix.

  7. Mix until eggs are evenly distributed

  8. Sprinkle parsley over the top

  9. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until eggs are cooked.

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