September Patient of the Month!

What is your name?

Graham, Jenn, Blaine and Colin W.

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

We started chiropractic care in 2016. My youngest had terrible colic as a baby. I researched that chiropractic care can help babies that have colic. Be Well popped up while I was researching.

What was your quality of life like before seeking chiropractic care?

We were sick all the time. The kids would be in and out of the doctors office with medication. As for us adults, constant neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and migraines

What solutions did you try before coming in?

Massages and medications

How has chiropractic care helped your health and changed your quality of life?

A complete 180! As a family we are barely sick, migraines are gone and neck pain is gone. We consider Be Well our main doctor. Monthly chiropractic maintenance is so important to keep our family HEALTHY!

What do you love the most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, and the staff?

Everyone at Be Well are caring, knowledgeable and passionate about their practice. Dr Anna and Dr Matt take pride in their care for each patient. You guys are considered family to us! ♥️

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